The event

The second Ozone Snowkite Masters will take place from 01-04 of March, 2008 at Bernina Pass in Engadin, Switzerland.

The event is open to all levels and styles of rider from around the world. The Base wwill be an international vent organized by riders for riders to enjoy our snowkiting and partying passion together. There will be snowkiting, chilling, BBQ, beer, and music during the days and stunning parties every night.

OSKM will be followed by international media, press, and TV to push the riders and popularity of the sport into a next level.

 ChastaOzone Snowkite MastersOzone Snowkite Masters


The timetable

Download the Time Table

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The location

46°24`40,83”N    10°01`30,76”O

The Bernina Pass ( is in the middle of the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz on the border of Italy. The closest Airport is in Milano (200km). There is even a Train station at the spot! Click HERE for more info!

What is snowkiting?

Snowkiting has evolved from kitesurfing, and involves harnessing the power of the wind with a kite to propel the rider along on either skis or a snowboard. Imagine being able to ride wherever you wanted, up and over mountains using the land and constantly changing terrain, jumping over houses, roads you name it….the ‘gliss’ experience is superb…you need so little power to get going on the snow, yet you can hold so much more power; its such a different feeling to kitesurfing on water.

JohanCIVEL-smallPerhaps the most amazing aspect to snowkiting is the varying terrain you get to ride over; on snow your world becomes truly 3D and the terrain can really be used to the max by any level of rider. Massive jumps are possible; in fact they are more like flights, and landings are super smooth.

The backcountry potential is amazing with this sport, with snowkiters able to climb 1000 metres in 10 to 15 minutes powered only by their kites. It then takes minutes to pack up and ski/board back down the untouched powder that would have easily taken them a 3 hour slog to access with skins on. This is the sport at it’s purest level and it’s no wonder that it’s growing quickly in popularity as more and more people are turned on to the pure fun and exhilaration that kiting has to offer.

The competitions

We will hold different kinds of competitions at this event including a new kind of snowkite competition, “The Best Line Comp”, to show all of the different aspects of Snowkiting to the public and media.


This will be a typical freestyle competition. The riders have to show their best skills in a certain area full of kickers, rails and obstacles. It is all about tricks, slides, kiteloops, handlepasses etc.


A race around marks you have to pass but with obstacles, kickers, hills and mountains in between. The fastest will win.

NEW – Best Line

Backcountry style. Climb a mountain with a kite, pack the kite on the top and pull the best line down with the kite in your rucksack. Time, difficulty, altitude and the ride down will be jugged.



The OSKM will rent out the complete hotel on top of the Pass (

We will have special offers for you for the week including breakfast and dinner every day. Our DJ Team Jazz & Jaggea, will rock the house every night so actually beds won’t be needed!