A course race around marks. There will be natural obstacles as we will set the course off the flat parts (lakes). You not only have to be fast but also understand the terrain and set your lines through the hills. There will be rocks and obstacles that you want to avoid hitting. The fastest will win.


Best Line:
We introduced this kind of format for the very first time at the 2008 OSKM and it was well received by the riders and spectators. Again we will have 4 riders starting at the same time giving them 30min time to use their kite to climb a mountain and put down the best line with their kite packed and stowed in their rucksack.

Both disciplines will be live tracked by using the KiteTracker app and the ‘best line’ will be judged by the KiteTracker XC Competition formular together with a rider-judges-rider result.

During the time of the OSKM participants can go out and fight for the fastest speed using any GPS logging device. This can be done anytime from dusk Thursday 26th – Saturday 28th February dawn.


On the registration form you can sign up for only one or all the disciplines.